Website Hacking & Penetration Testing

This course includes all necessary information to start your carrier in Cyber Security field. This course aims to teach you how to perform full penetration testing on web applications.

JOIN OVER 7500 STUDENTS IN THE Website Hacking & Penetration Testing (Real World Hacking!)COURSE

Web applications hacking course is not like other courses. I will not teach you the boring hacking stuff that you can get from Google.
All the videos in this course are simple, short and practical.
You will practice web applications Hacking / Penetration Testing against a number of real-world web applications.
You will learn how to discover Web Applications vulnerabilities through Penetration Testing.
You will learn how to hack the web security.

I will start by teaching you the basics of any vulnerability and then exploiting it with pure technical skills. The web applications hacking and penetration testing course is designed to cover all the latest vulnerabilities of Web Applications like Web Applications Attacks, CSRF attacks, Injection attacks and many more.
Who this course is for:

Penetration testers
Web developers
IT admins and staff
Anyone who wants to learn websites / web applications hacking


Basic Information Technology Skills.
A Desire To Learn.
Basic Knowledge Of Web Applications (not mandatory).
No previous hacking knowledge required.

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